" Learning under Edward throughout my journey is something I really am grateful for. He not only taught and critiqued me, he also went out of his way to make sure I knew the potential and creativity I possessed within.

I learned sometimes a nod with him saying, "...Good. Again!..." was really all I needed for something to click and be motivated. Other times he made sure I knew the why behind all my questions. He is a great instructor and I'm glad he is mine. "

- Joseph P.
" Being a student of Edward is both trying and rewarding. He is an amazing teacher. Capturing your attention and explaining things thoroughly, he can pinpoint the exact problem and can always find creative ways to help you through it. He makes you think and be creative. He will not let you fall behind and is always the push that is moving you forward. He will try your patience and push you when you don't feel like you have any more to give.

Always wanting you to be the best "you" that you can be. "

- Julliana A.
"... He Owned The Room In Like 30 Seconds. It was AMAZING ! ... 30 Seconds "

- Mike S.



Certified LudoSport Instructor, SaberFit Personal Trainer, SaberFit Business Coach, SaberFit Motivational Speaker & More...

Born in Detroit Michigan, my ambitions and passions centered around the realm of entrepreneurship. Often I would dream of being able to serve the people by means of participation in the creation of innovative business opportunities, developmental concepts and prosperous applications.

In my early years, while under the employment of various retail outlets. I quickly realized that I did not want to live my life in the employment of another. While moving onward into sales, I experienced my first taste of self-employment. It was then that I discovered happiness by means of owning and operating my own business. Within a few years, My new found ambitions had taken me to new heights.

Being the proprietary owner of several Mortgage Companies during the early part of 2000. I falsely perceived myself at the apex of my career. I say "falsely" because it was at that moment in time when I met that special woman whom shortly thereafter became my wife... Julliana.

Together we soared to new heights of success as we built an empire expanding into ownership multiple business spanning the realms of... Real Estate Investing, Ecommerce & Online Marketing, Multiple Restaurants & Night Clubs, Business Development Agency, Web Design & Social Media Marketing, Personal & Business Tax Preparation, Immigration Translation & Preparation Services, Fully Licensed Insurance Agency That Covered Health, Life, Property, Casualties & Annuities
It was during this entrepreneurial journey that I was further introduced to the vast needs of the Hispanic community.

I then decided to service those needs and further advocate a fair representation of the Hispanic and Latino Community. This decision ultimately leads towards further community mediation and negotiation with regards to the acknowledgment and acceptance of Hispanic and Latin rights within American Society.

Even though this would be an ongoing battle, there was still room for joy and celebration. This was proven to be true during the First Parksley Latin Heritage Festival held in Virginia on September 22, 2012. As the Latin and Hispanic culture were celebrated and enjoyed throughout the entire Eastern Shore Virginia Community.
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Additionally, it was one of my a greatest honors to be awarded The Hola Awards Entrepreneur Of The Year Award and the People's Choice Award In January 2013. Thus continuing with my advocacy on behalf of the Hispanic and Latin community while continuing the day to day activities of various businesses endeavors.

As the President and CEO of The Masonic Ascent Association Inc., a Non-Profit, Tax Exempt 501c (10) Corporation created to bring about civic betterment and social improvement for the greater community at-large; I support and conducts research, education, and informational activities to increase awareness of the need for brotherly love, truth, relief, and charity toward all mankind.

Now I present to you the foundation of a New, Innovative and Exciting Sport & Fitness Experience.

As a Certified LudoSport Instructor & Saberation SaberFit Trainer, I provide a fully customized programs to match the specific needs and goals of individuals who need special attention. My Light Saber Fitness program is suited for rehab clients, special needs children, or individuals with specific fitness goals and scheduling needs while engaging with one another to promote the best results in your personal fitness development.

SaberFit is perfect for individuals looking to get the most value for their dollar. The SaberFit Program is customized with appropriate options for each individual with the goal of improving overall health, functional strength, endurance, power, flexibility and more. Clients will learn how to properly use Light Saber Fitness techniques in a fun and challenging setting.

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